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Joseph de Vargas

December 1805


Admiralty-office, Nov. 27. Letter (received by Hon. Capt. Blackwood), from Lord Collingwood to W. Marsden, Esq.

Queen, off Cape Trafalgar, Nov. 4.

Sir, On the 28th ult. I informed you of the proceedings of the squadron to that time. The weather continuing very bad, the wind blowing from S. W. the squadron not in a situation of safety, and seeing little prospect of getting the captured ships off the land, and great risk of some of them getting into port; I determined no longer to delay the destroying them, and to get the squadron out of the deep bay. The extraordinary exertion of Capt. Capel, however, saved the French Swiftsure; and his ship the Phoebe, together with the Donegal, Capt. Malcolm, afterwards brought out the Bahama. Indeed, nothing can exceed the perseverance of all the officers employed in the service. Capt. Hope rigged and succeeded in bringing out the Ildefonso; all of which will, I hope, have arrived safe at Gibraltar. For the rest, Sir, I inclose you a list of all the enemy's fleet which were in the action, and how they are disposed of, which, I believe, is perfectly correct. I informed you in my letter of the 28th, that the remnant of the enemy's fleet came out a second time, to endeavour in the bad weather to cut off some of the hulks, when the Rayo was dismasted, and fell into our hands: she afterwards parted her cable, went ashore, and was wrecked. The Indomptable, one of the same squadron, was also driven ashore, wrecked, and her crew perished. The Santa Anna and Algeziras being driven near the shore of Cadiz, got such assistance as has enabled them to get in; but the ruin of their fleet is as complete as could be expected, under the circumstances of fighting them close to their own shore. Had the battle been in the Ocean, still fewer would have escaped. Twenty sail of the line are taken See Capt. Blackwood's letter, p.1161.or destroyed; and of those which got in, not more than three are in a repairable state for a length of time. Rear-Adm. Louis, in the Canopus, who had been detached with the Queen, Spencer, and Tigre, to complete the water, &c. of these ships, and to see the convoy in safety a certain distance up the Mediterranean, joined me on the 30th. In clearing the captured ships of prisoners, I found so many wounded men, that to alleviate human misery as much as was in my power, I sent to the Marquis de Solana, Gov.-Gen. of Andalusia, to offer him the wounded to the care of their country, on receipts being given; a proposal which was received with the greatest thankfulness, not only by the Governor, but the whole country resounds with expressions of gratitude. Two French frigates were sent out to receive them, with a proper officer to give receipts, bringing with them all the English who had been wrecked in several of the ships, and an offer from the Marquis de Solana of the use of their hospitals for our wounded, pledging the honour of Spain for their being carefully attended. I have ordered most of the Spanish prisoners to be released; the officers on parole; the men for receipts given, and a condition that they do not serve in war, by sea or land, until exchanged. By my correspondence with the Marquis, I found that Vice-Admiral D'Alava was not dead, but dangerously wounded; and I wrote to him a letter, claiming him as a prisoner of war: a copy of which I inclose, together with a state of the Flag Officers of the Combined Fleet.
I am, &c.

List of the Combined Fleets of France and Spain, in the Action of Oct. 21, off Cape Trafalgar, shewing how they were disposed of.

1. Spanish ship San Ildefonso, 74 guns, Brig. Don Joseph de Vargas; sent to Gibraltar.
2. Spanish, San Juan Nepomuceno, 74 guns, Brig. Don Cosme Churruca; sent to Gibraltar.
3. Spanish, Bahama, 74 guns; Brig. Don A. D. Galiano; sent to Gibraltar.
4. French, Swiftsure, 74 guns, M. Villemadrin; sent to Gibraltar.
5. Spanish, Monarca, 74 guns, Don Jeodoro Argumosa; wrecked off San Lucar.
6. French, Fougeux, 74 guns, M. Beaudouin; wrecked off Trafalgar, all perished, and 30 of the Temeraire's men.
7. French, Indomptablem 84 guns, M. Hubert; wrecked off Rota, all perished.
8. French, Bucentaur, 80 guns, Adm. Villeneuve, Commander in Chief; Capts. Prigny and Majendie; wrecked on the Porques; some of the crew saved.
9. Spanish, San Francisco de Asis, 74 guns, Don Luis De Flores; wrecked near Rota.
10. Spanish, El Rayo, 100 guns, Brig. Don Henrique Macdonel; wrecked near San Lucar.
11. Spanish, Neptuno, 84 guns, Brig. Don Cayetano Valdes; wrecked between Rota and Catalina.
12. French, Argonaute, 74 guns, M. Epron; on shore in the port of Cadiz,
13. French, Berwick, 74 guns, M. Camas; wrecked to the Northward of San Lucar.
14. French, L'Aigle, 74 guns, M. Courrege; wrecked near Rota.
15. French, Achille, 74 guns, Mons. D'Nieuport; burnt during the Action.
16. French, Intrepide, 74 guns, Mons. Infornet; burnt by the Britannia.
17. Spanish, San Augustin, 74 guns, Brig. Don Felipe X. Cagigal; burnt by the Leviathan.
18. Spanish, Santissima Trinidad, 140 guns, Rear-Adm. Don Baltazar H. Cisneros; Brig. Don F. Uriarte; sunk by the Prince, Neptune, &c.
19. French, Redoubtable, 74 guns, M. Lucas; sunk astern of the Swiftsure; Temeraire lost 13, and Swiftsure five men.
20. Spanish, Argonauta, 80 guns, Don Ant. Parejo; sunk by the Ajax.
21. Spanish, Santa Anna, 112 guns, Vice-Adm. Don Ignacio D'Alava; Capt. Don Joseph de Gardoqui; taken, but got into Cadiz in the gale, dismasted.
22. French, Algeziras, 74 guns, Rear-Adm. Magon (killed); Capt. M. Bruaro; taken, but got into Cadiz in the gale, dismasted.
23. French, Pluton, 74 guns, Mons. Cosmao; returned to Cadiz in a sinking state.
24. Spanish, San Juste, 74 guns, Don Miguel Gaston; returned to Cadiz, has a foremast only.
25. Spanish, San Leandro, 64 guns, Don Joseph de Quevedo; returned to Cadiz, dismasted.
26. French, Neptune, 84 guns, M. Maistral; returned to Cadiz, and perfect.
27. French, Heros, 74 guns, M. Poulain; returned to Cadiz, lower masts in, and Adm. Rossillie's flag on-board.
28. Spanish, Principe de Asturias, 112 guns, Adm. Don F. Gravina; Don Ant. Escano, &c.; returned to Cadiz, dismasted.
29. Spanish, Montanez, 74 guns, Don Fran. Alcedo; returned to Cadiz.
30. French, Formidable, 80 guns, Rear-Adm. Dumanoir; hauled to the Southward, and escaped.
31. French, Mont Blanc, 74 guns, M. Le Villegries; hauled to the Southward; and escaped.
32. French, Scipion, 74 guns, M Berenger; hauled to the Southward, and escaped.
33. French, Duguay Trouin, 74 guns, M. Touffet; hauled to the Southward, and escaped.
N. B. These four ships were captured by Sir R. Strachan on the 4th inst. (See p.1057.)


At Gibraltar 4
Destroyed 16
In Cadiz, wrecks 6 } 9
In Cadiz, serviceable 3 }
Escaped to the Southward 4

Total - 33

Names and Rank of the Flag Officers of the Combined Fleet.

Adm. Villeneuve, Commander in Chief; Bucentaure - Taken.
Adm. Don. Fred. Gravina; Principe de Asturias - Escaped, in Cadiz, wounded in the arm.
Vice-Adm. Don. Ignatio Maria D'Alava; Santa Anna - Wounded severely in the head, taken, but was driven into Cadiz in the Santa Anna.
Rear-Adm. Don Baltazar Hidalgo Cisneros; Santissima Triniodad - Taken.
Rear-Adm. Magon; Algeziras - Killed.
Rear-Adm. Dumanoir; Formidable - Escaped.


Euryalus, off Cadiz, Oct. 27.

MY LORD MARQUIS, A great number of Spanish subjects having been wounded in the late action between the British and the Combined Fleets of Spain and France, on the 21st inst.; Humanity, and my desire to alleviate the sufferings of these wounded men, dictate to me to offer to your Excellency their enlargement, that they may be taken proper care of in the hospitals on shore, provided your Excellency will send boats to convey them, with a proper officer to give receipts for the number, and acknowledge them, in your Excellency's answer to this letter, to be prisoners of war, to be exchanged before they serve again. I beg to assure your Excellency of my high consideration, and that I am, &c.
To Marquis de Solana, Capt.-Gen. of Andalusia, Governor, &c. Cadiz.

Conditions on which the Spanish Wounded Prisoners were released, and sent on Shore to the Hospital.

I, Guilleme Valverde, having been authorised, and empowered, by the Marquis de Solana, Governor-General of Andalusia and of Cadiz, to receive from the English squadron the wounded prisoners, and such persons as may be necessary to their care, which release and enlargement of the wounded, &c. is agreed to, on the part of the Commander in Chief of the British squadron, on the positive condition, that none of the said prisoners shall be employed again, in any public service of the Crown of Spain, either by sea or land, until they are regularly exchanged.
Signed on-board his Britannic Majesty's ship the Euryalus, at sea, Oct. 30.

To Vice-Adm. Don Ignatio Maria D'Alava.
Sent under cover to Adm. Gravina.
Euryalus, off Cadiz, Oct. 30.

SIR, It is with great pleasure that I have heard the wound you received in the action is in a hopeful way of recovery, and that your country may still have the benefit of your future service. But, Sir, you surrendered yourself to me; and it was in consideration only of the state of your wound, that you were not removed into my ship. I could not disturb the repose of a man supposed to be in his last moments; but your sword, the emblem of your service, was delivered to me by your Captain; and I expect that you consider yourself a prisoner of war, until you shall be regularly exchanged by cartel.
I am, &c.


Killed and Wounded on-board the British Squadron.

Victory, 4 officers, 3 petty officers, 32 seamen and 18 marines killed;
4 officers, 2 petty officers, 59 seamen, and 9 marines, wounded. Total 132. - Royal Sovereign, 3 officers, 2 petty officers, 29 seamen, and 13 marines, killed;
3 officers, 5 petty officers, 70 seamen, and 10 marines, wounded. Total 141.
Britannia, 1 officer, 8 seamen, and 1 marine, killed;
1 officer, 1 petty officer, 33 seamen, and 7 marines, wounded. Total 52.
Temeraire, 3 officers, 1 petty officer, 35 seamen, and 8 marines, killed;
3 officers, 2 petty officers, 58 seamen, and 12 marines, wounded. Total 123.
Prince, None.
Neptune, 10 seamen killed;
1 petty officer, 30 seamen, and 3 marines, wounded. Total 44.
Dreadnought, 6 seamen and 1 marine, killed;
1 officer, 2 petty officers, 19 seamen, and 4 marines, wounded. Total 33.
Tonnant (see p.1611).
Mars, 1 officer, 3 petty officers, 17 seamen, and 8 marines, killed;
4 officers, 5 petty officers, 44 seamen, and 16 marines, wounded. Total 98.
Bellerophon, 2 officers, 1 petty officer, 20 seamen, and 4 marines, killed;
2 officers, 4 petty officers, 97 seamen, and 20 marines, wounded. Total 150.
Minotaur, 3 seamen, killed;
1 officer, 1 petty officer, 17 seamen, and 3 marines, wounded. Total 25.
Revenge, 2 petty officers, 18 seamen, and 8 marines, killed;
4 officers, 38 seamen, and 9 marines, wounded. Total 79.
Conqueror, 2 officers, 1 seaman, killed;
2 officers, 7 seamen, wounded. Total 12.
Leviathan, 2 seamen and 2 marines, killed;
1 petty officer, 17 seamen and 4 marines, wounded. Total 26.
Ajax, 2 seamen, killed;
9 seamen, wounded. Total 11.
Orion, 1 seaman, killed;
2 petty officers, 16 seamen, and 1 marine, wounded. Total 24.
Agamemnon, 2 seamen, killed;
1 seamen, wounded. Total 9.
sic, for 7Spartiate, 3 seamen, killed;
1 officer, 2 petty officers, 16 seamen, and 1 marine, wounded. Total 23.
Africa, 12 seamen, and 6 marines, killed;
2 officers, 5 petty officers, 30 seamen, and 7 marines, wounded. Total 62.
Bellisle, 2 officers, 1 petty officer, 22 seamen, and 8 marines, killed;
3 officers, 3 petty officers, 68 seamen, and 19 marines, wounded. Total 126.
Colossus, 1 officer, 31 seamen, and 8 marines, killed;
5 officers, 9 petty officers, 115 seamen, and 31 marines, wounded. Total 200.
Achille, 1 petty officer, 6 seamen, and 6 marines, killed;
4 officers, 4 petty officers, 37 seamen, and 14 marines, wounded. Total 72.
Polyphemus, 2 seamen, killed;
4 seamen, wounded. Total 6.
Swiftsure, 7 seamen and 2 marines, killed;
1 petty officer, 6 seamen, and 1 marine, wounded. Total 17.
Defence, 4 seamen and 3 marines, killed;
23 seamen, and 6 marines, wounded. Total 36.
Thunderer, 2 seamen, and 2 marines, killed;
2 petty officers, 9 seamen, and 1 marine, wounded. Total 16.
Defiance, 2 officers, 1 petty officer, 8 seamen, and 6 marines, killed;
1 officer, 4 petty officers, 39 seamen, and 9 marines, wounded. - Total 70.
TOTAL. 21 officers, 15 petty officers, 288 seamen, and 104 marines, killed; 41 officers, 57 petty officers, 870 seamen, and 196 marines, wounded. - Total 1587.


Names of the Officers and Petty Officers Killed and Wounded, in addition to those in p.1058.


Victory. - Lord Viscount Nelson, K. B. Commander in Chief, &c. John Scott, esq. secretary; Charles W. Adair, Capt. Royal Marines; W. Ram, lieut.; Rob. Smith and Alex. Palmer, midshipmen; T. Whipple, captain's clerk.
Britannia, Fr. Roskruge, lieut.
Temeraire, Simeon Busigny, Capt. Royal Marines; John Kingston, lieut. Royal Marines; Lewis Oades, carpenter; W. Pitts, midshipman.
Tonnant, no return.
Bellerophon, John Cooke, first capt.; Edw. Overton, master; John Simmons, midshipman.
Conqueror, Rob. Lloyd and W. M. St. George, lieut.
Belisle, Ebenezer Geall and John Woodin, lieuts.; Geo. Nind, midshipman.
Colossus, T. Scriven, master.
Achille, Fra. J. Mugg, midshipman.
Prince, Neptune, Orion, Agamemnon, Spartiate, Africa, Polyphemus, Swiftsure, Thunderer, None.


Victory, John Pasco and G. Miller Bligh, lieuts.; Lewis Reeves and J. G. Peake, lieuts. Royal Marines; W. Rivers (slightly), G. A. Westphall, and R. Bulkeley, midshipmen; J. Geoghehan, agent victualler's clerk.
Britannia, Stephen Trounce, master; W. Grint, midshipman.
Temeraire, James Mould, lieut.; Sam. J. Payne, lieut. Royal Marines; J. Brookes, boatswain; T. S. Price, master's mate; John Eastman, midshipman.
Neptune, --- Hurrell, captain's clerk.
Tonnant, no return.
Bellerophon, J. Wemys, capt. Royal Marines; T. Robinson, boatswain; Edw. Hartley, master's mate; W. N. Jewell, James Stone, T. Bant, and G. Pearson, midshipmen.
Conqueror, T. Wearing, lieut, Royal Marines; Philip Mendel, lieut. of his Imperial Majesty's Navy, (both slightly.)
Orion, --- Sause, C. P. Cable, midshipmen, (both slightly.)
Spartiate, John Clark, boatswain; --- Bellairs, and --- Knapman, midshipmen.
Africa, Matt. Hay, acting lieut.; James Tynmore, capt. Royal Marines; Hen. West and Abr. Turner, master's mates; Fred. White (slightly), Phil. J. Elmhurst, and J. P. Bailey, midshipmen.
Belleisle, W. Terrie, lieut.; Jn. Owen, 1st lieut. Royal Marines; Andrew Gibson, boatswain; W. H. Pearson, and W. Culfield, master's mates; Sam. Jago, midshipman; J. T. Hodge, volunteer, first class.
Colossus, J. N. Morris, capt.; G. Bully, lieut.; W. Forster, acting lieut.; John Benson, lieut. Royal Marines; H. Milbanke, master's mate; W. Herringham, Fred. Thistlewayte (slightly), T. G. Reece, H. Snellgrove, Rawden M'Lean, G. Wharrie, Tim. Renou, and G. Denton, midshipmen; W. Adamson, boats.
Achille, Parkins Prynn (slightly), and Josias Bray, lieuts.; Pralms Westroppe, capt. Royal Marines; W. Leddon, lieut. Royal Marines; G. Pegge, master's mate; W. H. Staines, and W. J. Snow, midshipmen; W. Smith Warren, volunteer, first class.
Prince, Agamemnon, and Polyphemus, None.
Swiftsure, Alex. Bell Handcock, midshipman.
Thunderer, John Snell, master's mate; Alex. Galloway, midshipman.


Fuente: FONS. Family Origin Name Survey. 67 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1AF. Source: Printed
Title: The Gentleman's Magazine lxxv 1805 ii 1158-1161. Texto: D.R.

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